August 26, 2017 - Brooklyn, NY - TRADE
One World One Pride, Coming to NYC in 2019

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April 27-30, 2018 - White Party Palm Springs
September 1-4, 2017 - San Diego, CA - MATINEE

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August 26, 2017 - TRADE with Nacho Chapado in NYC

Partner Events

Saturday, August 26th - TRADE, Brooklyn, NY, DJ Nacho Chapado at Output
Sunday, August 27th - DTLA Closing Party, Los Angeles, CA - DJ Dan Slater & Kitty Glitter
Friday, September 1st - Matinee LaLache, San Diego CA - DJ Taito Tikaro & Dan Slater
Saturday, September 2nd - Matinee Pool Party HEAT, San Diego CA - DJ Cindel
Saturday, September 2nd - PERVERT, San Diego, CA - Nacho Chapado & Danny Verde
Sunday, September 3rd - Matinee Pool Party PUMP, San Diego, CA - DJ Dawna Montell
Sunday, September 3rd - Matinee AIR FORCE, San Diego, CA - DJ Phil Romano
Monday, September 4th - Matinee ACTION After Hours, San Diego CA - DJ Nina Flowers