September 1-4, 2017 - Splash Days. Austin, TX
Friday, September 1st - Labor Day Weekend Party at RAGE, GAMEBOI L.A, West Hollywood, CA
Friday, September 1st - Aftermath LABOR DAY Weekend DTLA. Los Angeles, CA
Friday, September 1st - Matinee LaLache, San Diego CA with DJ Taito Tikaro & Dan Slater
Saturday, September 2nd - Club Papi at Florentine Gardens, Hollywood, CA
Saturday, September 2nd - Gus Presents, Underworld w/DJ Pumpkin Spice, San Francisco CA
Saturday, September 2nd - Matinee Pool Party HEAT, San Diego CA with DJ Cindel
Saturday, September 2nd - Matinee PERVERT, San Diego, CA with Nacho Chapado & Danny Verde
Sunday, September 3rd - CLUB PAPI, San Jose, CA at Splash
Sunday, September 3rd - Matinee Pool Party PUMP, San Diego, CA - DJ Dawna Montell
Sunday, September 3rd - White Party with Alex Acosta. Club Royale in Boston, MA
Sunday, September 3rd - Matinee AIR FORCE, San Diego, CA - DJ Phil Romano
Sunday, September 3rd - Gus Presents, STADiUM Labor Day Weekend, San Francisco, CA
Sunday, September 3rd - Gus Presents, Sanctuary “The Labor Party”, San Francisco, CA
Monday, September 4th - Matinee ACTION After Hours, San Diego CA - DJ Nina Flowers
Saturday, September 9th - MEAT - DJ ARON - Special Event. New York, NY
Thursday, September 14th - SCORE. Pride Edition, DJ Shane Stiel, Purple Party Dallas, TX
Friday, September 15th - Prism, Dallas Pride Opening, DJ Deanne & Isaac Escalante. Dallas, TX
Saturday, September 16th - CLUB PAPI, Phoenix, AZ at Aqua
Saturday, September 16th - SHINE with DJ Ovahness, Dallas, TX
Sunday, September 17th - SPECTRUM, Dallas Pride T-Dance, DJ MORABITO. Dallas, TX
Friday, September 22nd - CLUB PAPI, Sacramento, CA at Faces
Friday, September 22nd - Out on the Mountain. Santa Clarita, CA


August 31 - September 04, 2017

Southern Decadence, New Orleans, L.A

August 26, 2017 - Brooklyn, NY - TRADE
September 1-4, 2017 - Splash Days, Austin TX
August 31 - September 04, 2017 - New Orleans, LA, Southern Decadence