2019 -  Jeffrey Sanker's White Party Palm Springs 

2019 -  ALEGRIA NYC, Ric Sena Presents, New York City 

2019 -  The Cherry Fund, Cherry DC, Washington DC 

2019 -  Jake Resnicow, Matinee NYC, New York City  

2019 -  LaFantasy Productions, Washington DC 

2019 -  Capital Pride, Washington D.C Pride, Washington DC 

2019 -  DistrktC, Washington DC, NYC, and Pennsylvania 

2019 -  Joe Fiore's Furball New York City, New York City 

2019 -  Syracuse NY Drag Shows, Syracuse 

2019 -  JC Events International, Frisky & Yummy Parties, NYC 

2019 -  Jake Resnicow Presents, MEAT, PRIDE Festival, NYC  

2019 -  Rocco's, West Hollywood 

2010 -  REFLEX Afterhours, West Hollywood 

2010 -  Bill Hardt Presents San Diego Pride Parties 

2010 -  ATLAS at The Factory, West Hollywood 

2010 -  Destination RED at Here Lounge, West Hollywood 

2009 -  Long Beach Gay Pride Festival 

2013 -  Los Angeles Gay Pride Festival 

2010 -  Garage at Here Lounge, West Hollywood 

2010 -  FUBAR, West Hollywood 

2009 -  COCKPIT at The Palms, West Hollywood 

2009 -  FAME at RAGE Nightclub, West Hollywood 

2009 -  Fat F*N Tuesday at Here Lounge, West Hollywood 

2010 -  SCANDAL, Hollywood & Los Angeles 

2009 -  Jockstrap The Club at Ultra Suede, West Hollywood 

2010 -  Dream Girls Revue at Rage, West Hollywood 

2010 -  Friction at MJ's, Silverlake 

2010 -  CherryPOP & CherryBOOM at Ultra Suede, WeHo 

2010 -  Tom Whitman's Wonderland, Los Angeles  

2010 -  Masterbeat's HARD LABOR, Los Angeles 

2009 -  Star F*CKER at Rage, West Hollywood 

2009 -  Playhouse Tuesdays, Hollywood 

2010 -  POPSTARZ at The Factory, West Hollywood 

2010 -  Rough House at Club Eleven, West Hollywood 

2009 -  Boot Camp, San Diego 

2010 -  SIZE at Here Lounge, West Hollywood 

2010 -  Reality Check, West Hollywood 

2009 -  The Abbey, West Hollywood 

2009 -  Donkey Punch at MJ's, Silverlake 

2009 -  Andrew Christian at Here Lounge, WeHo 

2009 -  Masterbeat's New Years Eve at The Mayan, LA 

2010 -  The Burgundy House, Los Angeles 

2010 -  The Eagle L.A, Los Angeles 

2010 -  Micky's Nightclub, West Hollywood 

2010 -  Motherlode, West Hollywood 

2010 -  Voyeur, Club 7969, West Hollywood 

2010 -  Avalon, Hollywood 

2010 -  SPIN Nightclub, San Diego 

2010 -  The Sassy Show (Drag Show) Multiple Locations, LA 

2010 -  Annual WeHo Awards at The Playboy Mansion 

2010 -  House of WORK at Ultra Suede, West Hollywood 

2010 -  Masterbeat's Basic Training, Los Angeles 

2010 -  Monster at Club Eleven, West Hollywood 

2012 -  Saddle Up LA, The Life Group LA, Los Angeles 

2010 -  STEREO at Rage Nightclub, West Hollywood 

2013 -  Fresh at Club Eleven, West Hollywood 

2010 -  Club Cobra, N. Hollywood 

2010 -  Hip House at Here Lounge, West Hollywood 

2010 -  The Colony, Hollywood 

2010 -  Stripper Circus at Here Lounge, West Hollywood 

2010 -  Arena Nightclub, Hollywood 

2010 -  Best in Drag, Los Angeles 

2010 -  Truck Stop at Here Lounge, West Hollywood 

2009 -  NEON at Here Lounge, West Hollywood 

2013 -  Momentum at Circus Disco, Hollywood 

2013 -  Metropolitan Nightclub, West Hollywood 

It's Coming! The Cherry Fund 25th Anniversary. This April 16-20, 2020. I can get my friends and followers on social media a discount off advance ticket prices. Go to this website:  https://cherry25.eventbrite.com

Then Email me  -  WeHoParty@Gmail.com. I will send you a code you can use at checkout so you can save some $, come and party for an event that gives back to charity. It's a win win. I will see you on the dance floor!

View The Cherry Fund Video Playlist On YouTube now, with over 150 videos.


One of my favorite artists and performers of all time. Bette Midler at The Javits Center in NYC for Jake Resnicow's We Party June 2019! One of the best moments EVER.

I have over 2000 videos for you to watch. Visit my YouTube Channel  for all my videos.

Amannda & Nikki Valentine gave us a show at JC Events International's Frisky &  Yummy Parties in New York City.

Deborah Cox was off the hook! This is Part 1 of 2. I hope you love it as much as I did at White Party Palm Springs.

Ric Sena's ALEGRIA in New York City is AMAZING. I always have an awesome time - Ric Sena Presents Checkout the ALEGRIA Playlist on YouTube. Over 70 videos of fun!!

Video Playlists

I LOVE this video of DJ Deanne spinning at SIN by Distrkt C at The DC Eagle. She isn't just an amazing DJ, she puts on an amazing show of energy that pulls you into her set.

A full 14 minutes of the AMAZING Cyndi Lauper at Jake Resnicow's We Party Magic Planet.  A great time at World Pride 2019. View all of Jake Resnicow's event videos. Over 70 videos on my YouTube channel now.

Here's a listing of all my videos by event and or location. I've been doing this a long time, so the older videos don't have the best audio quality, but as time moved on the audio quality gets much better with the newer videos, the date the gallery was last updated is indicated. Follow me on YouTube and checkout my channel. 

What an amazing experience at Jeffrey Sanker's White Party Palm Springs, HOUSE OF GODS with DJ Dan Slater!

One of the best times ever at World Pride in NYC June 2019. Cyndi Lauper is amazing and beautiful.

April 24-27, 2020! Jeffrey Sanker's White Party Palm Springs! I will be there and I hope you are too! Visit JeffreySanker.com for tickets and info. Checkout all the videos for Jeffrey Sankers White Party on YouTube. There are over 200 of them!